BAADER AstroSolar Filter Material

From Baader Planetarium, this density 5 AstroSolar Filter Material
for visual use was declared to be "the new standard in solar filters"
by Sky & Telescope Magazine in the September 2000 issue. Solar
images are a pleasing, almost neutral color, with visible surface
granulation and fine detail in sunspots. Light attenuation is nearly
flat from 400nm to 700nm, or the full visual spectrum. Light
transmission is 0.001%, for visual or photographic use.

With instructions for making your own inexpensive filter cells for
several scopes. Mit anweisungen in Englisch auch! (With instructions
in English too!)

This is genuine Baader visual grade material cut from large rolls
and packaged for mailing.

$39.00 each - #ASTF - 8.3 x 11.3" sheet of BAADER AstroSolar Filter Material for Visual Use (shown)

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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What color is the image?

The color of the solar image viewed with BAADER AstroSolar Filter Material
is neutral and natural, not the orange color seen when using most glass filters.
Other filter suppliers claim the orange color to be natural, but the sunlight is
filtered thru metallic layers on the glass filters, often iron, that induce a rust
color in the image.

BAADER Solar Filter Material passes only 0.001% of the sunlight, reflecting the
rest away. Spectrographs from a Cary 5E High Resolution Spectrophotometer
show the attenuation curve of the BAADER material to be very flat from 400nm
to 700nm, resulting in an image that is the same color as our eyes and brains
"expect" to see from the sun. (white!)

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Safety Information - Please review!

Making a Solar Filter Cell - 242K PDF file

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