Astrozap Solar Eclipse Glasses

Perfect for individual solar viewing, these glasses provide a safe
and clear view of the sun. Never look at the sun without Solar Glasses
or other specialized filters!

A recent news story about solar glasses has generated concern about the
safety of solar glasses. While safety is a top concern with solar observing,
please be assured that the Astrozap brand solar glasses (we sold out of) are
of top quality, were manufactured by American Paper Optics with certified
materials before October 2016, and are absolutely safe for solar observing.

Astrozap and American Paper Optics are listed by AAS as "Reputable Vendors
of Solar Filters & Viewers":

The instructions and warnings on Astrozap solar observing glasses conform
to ISO recommendations.

Always have safety in mind when observing the sun, only with quality observing
glasses or with a quality solar filter in front of optical equipment. NEVER use
a solar filter at the eyepiece end of a telescope or binoculars! Children and
inexperienced people must always be supervised by a competent adult when
observing the sun!

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$00.00 - #EG10 - Astrozap Solar Eclipse Glasses - 10 Pack
$00.00 - #EG20 - Astrozap Solar Eclipse Glasses - 20 Pack
$00.00 - #EG30 - Astrozap Solar Eclipse Glasses - 30 Pack
$00.00 - #EG40 - Astrozap Solar Eclipse Glasses - 40 Pack
$00.00 - #EG50 - Astrozap Solar Eclipse Glasses - 50 Pack

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Do not use this product if damaged! Before each use, inspect the glasses
for scratches, pinholes or separation from the frame. If damaged, cut into
small pieces and discard.

Wear your Astrozap Solar Glasses to protect your eyes from solar radiation
any time you look directly at the sun. When looking at a solar eclipse, use
your solar glasses no matter how small the fraction of the sun is.

This product must not be used with any other optical devices such as
cameras, telescopes or binoculars. This product is not a toy, children
should use only with close adult supervision.

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