LensPen - To clean or not to clean...

There is much debate in the popular forums as to the
use of a LensPen, even whether or not to ever clean
your optics!

Frequent cleaning is probably not necessary, and every
time you clean your optics you run some risk of damage.
On mirrors and corrector plates, a good amount of dust
can accumulate with little impact on image quality,
especially since viewing conditions are not often ideal

On eyepieces, however, dust and eye-gunk can quickly
accumulate and degrade views noticably. Solar viewing
(with appropriate filtering) and lunar views will really
show the chunks of stuff on an eyepiece.

Uncleaned optics are like an undriven luxury car. Sure,
you won't damage what you don't use, but why do we buy
these fine systems? To use and enjoy!

Modern optical coatings are as tough (and cleanable) as
they are effective. If your optics need cleaning, especially
in the field, the LensPen is the quickest, safest portable
device to get the crud off and get you back to viewing.
Nothing beats systematic cleaning with the right chemicals,
tools and materials, but nothing beats a LensPen when you
can't get the cleaning supplies out.

LensPens are carried by most major manufacturers and
suppliers of optics, whether astronomical, photographic,
sporting or scientific. LensPens are brand-marked and
supplied by so many optical manufacturer, the list is too
long to print here. Anyway, they won't let us print it here!

The LensPen carries our 90 day money back guarantee, and
a lifetime warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.

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void the warranty, as will removing the serial number sticker.