Cell Phone Mount for Orion/Synta Finder Shoes

What has happened to astronomy??? Yes, folks mount cell phones
on their scopes to use the handy and powerful apps. Control the
world (and your scope) from the phone! Most smart phones also
have OTG capability to directly connect many USB astronomy cameras.

The mounting foot fits Orion/Synta finder shoes common on many
scopes. The other end securely holds phones 2 to 3.5" wide, and
the sturdy stalk bends for adjustment. Also has a ball swivel.
Aluminum, stainless steel and plastic components. Calibrate your
phone's compass with the phone in the mount for best accuracy.

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$22.00 - #PMOS - Cell Phone Mount for Orion/Synta Finder Shoes (one mount)

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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