1.25" to 2" Low Profile Twist-Lock Adapter with 2" Filter Threads

This 1.25" to 2" eyepiece adapter locks with a twist, holding
the 1.25" eyepiece securely and very well centered and very
well aligned. CNC machined anodized aluminum body, graphite-
nylon compression ring. Also has 2" filter threads.

#ADP5 has a 0.6" wide compression band that solves problems
caused by safety recesses on some eyepieces.

Testing here shows that these adapters hold EP's very securely,
even those with undercuts. 1.25" barrels align very true to the
2" outside barrel.

Also has male T-threads if you remove the twist ring, so it
doubles as an emergency adapter.

The 2" barrel can be extended to 2 inches long if needed with
our #EPE2 extension.

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$29.00 - #ADP5 - 1.25" to 2" Low Profile Twist-Lock Adapter With Wide Band and 2" Filter Threads
$24.00 - #EPE2 - Filter Thread 2" Eyepiece Barrel Extension, 1" Long - Information here!

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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