Right Angle Mounting Plate

Made from 4x4" aluminum angle, 3" wide, 1/4" thick, and powder coated
flat black, this plate provides for vertical mounting on side-mount type
mounts. The holes and slots accept 1/4" or M6 mounting hardware, and
our #DS13 dovetail shoe and #EQD6 dovetail bar fit perfectly. Slots on the
vertical side allow adjusting for balance, spacing is 0.938" and 1.876".
Slots on the horizontal side fit the Coronado PST, WO 66mm scopes, etc.

#ANG7 is the right angle mounting plate with #DS13 dovetail shoe for 1.7"
base width dovetails, attached with stainless steel hardware.

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$44.00 each - #ANG3 - Right Angle Mounting Plate
$83.00 each - #ANG7 - Right Angle Mounting Plate with Dovetail Shoe for Orion/Synta Dovetails
$55.00 - #EQD6 - 8.25" Solid Aluminum Dovetail Bar 0.590" Thick

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