BAADER AstroSolar Filter Material

Please observe the following safety precautions
with EVERY solar observation

* Prior to each and every solar observation session, check the filter's fit and, 
  if necessary, tape it to the telescope to prevent slipping. Cover any pinholes 
  with black felt-tip marker.

* NEVER use the filter at the eyepiece, it will burn up in less than a second! 
  It will not filter out the concentrated and very dangerous light energy at the 
  eyepiece end. Unfiltered solar light can and will cause blindness. The filter 
  will ONLY work when attached to the FRONT aperture of a refractor objective, 
  in front of the Schmidt plate (Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope) or in front of 
  the tube of a Newtonian telescope.
* If you use a binocular, protect both objectives with a filter. 

* Be sure that the viewfinder of your telescope is properly covered, either with 
  a solar filter made as described above or with the original dust cover. 
  Unprotected views through your finderscope would have the same catastrophic 
  consequences for your eyes as a look through the main telescope itself! 

* A filter made of AstroSolar™ filter material is relatively resistant to breakage 
  in comparison to a glass filter. However, care should be taken with sharp pointed 
  objects. A punctured filter should be thrown away and replaced with a new one 
  (same as with a cracked glass filter).

* Emphasize the importance of safety to those observing with you, especially children. 
  Intentionally removing or damaging the filter can endanger their eyesight. This is 
  no place for jokes. Never leave the telescope outside unattended during the daytime! 

* We recommend that you tape your filter directly onto your telescope to be sure that 
  it does not come off by accident.

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