C-Mount to 2" Eyepiece Barrel Adapter with Filter Threads

This adapter screws into the front of C-Mount video cameras
and adapts to a 2" eyepiece barrel. The adapter has no stop
or shoulder on the 2" barrel, so the camera can be as close
to the focuser as possible. This resolves in-focus issues that
many telescopes have with video cameras.

The front of the #C2BF adapter also has 1.25" and 2" female
filter threads to allow use of filters and focal reducers with
the camera. Black anodized aluminum, 1" barrel length,
overall length is 1.15". Interrior is baffled to reduce light
reflections. Works for C-Mount and CS-Mount cameras.
Camera and focuser not included!

The 1" barrel length can be extended if necessary with our
#EPE2 filter thread barrel extension.

Our 1.25" .5x focal reducers and extension tubes fit in the
1.25" filter threads for wider fields of view. Information

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$00.00 - #C2BF - Currently Unavailable - C-Mount to 2" Eyepiece Barrel Adapter with Filter Threads
$24.00 - #EPE2 - Filter Thread 2" Eyepiece Barrel Extension, 1" Long - Information here!

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C-Mount Adapter for 1.25" Barrels

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