Dew-Not 2 Channel Controller for Dew Heaters

This simple but effective controller provides two channels of control,
with two heaters per channel, four heaters total or more with Y cables.
The two controls use low frequency pulse width modulation to allow
continuous adjustment from about 1% to full heat to save battery power
and keep temperatures right. The low frequency modulation makes the
controller virtually interference free, unlike controllers that can induce
noise in camera images.

Power FET technology means the maximum power is sent to the heaters,
with very little power wasted by the controller. A two stage low battery
indicator prevents battery damage. If voltage drops to 11 volts the power
led begins slow blinking as a low voltage warning. If the battery voltage
drops to 10.5 volts the power led starts fast blinking and the outputs turn
off. When the voltage recovers to over 12 volts normal operation resumes.

Six foot input cable has a cigarette lighter plug with 10A fuse. RCA type
output connectors are compatible with Dew-Not heaters and other brands.
For 12 volt DC operation, 10-16 volt input range, up to 10 amps total draw.

$129.00 - #DNHC - New Model Dew-Not 2 Channel Controller for Dew Heaters

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