Dri-Rod Dehumidifying Heater Rod

Ideal for use with telescope covers, the Dri-Rod dehumidifying rod helps
reduce condensation on equipment and optics. Dri-Rod is a 7 watt heater
that causes a slight rise in temperature of the scope and air under the cover.

The 12" long aluminum tube warms to about 40F above ambient temperature
and the heat is distributed along its entire length. Far safer than using a light
bulb for warming because the 7 watts is dissipated over a large surface, and
it is not fragile. Even though the rod temperature is not dangerously high, the
Dry-Rod should be mounted in a position that holds the rod away from other
materials. Inside Dob rocker boxes and under tripod spreaders are ideal
mounting locations. The rod comes with mounting feet for flat surfaces.

Dri-Rods run on 120 Volt AC power, the 6' power cord has a standard two
blade connector. As with all AC powered equipment, safety is important.
Dry-Rods are not for use in wet locations and should not be used if the
ambient temperature is above 80F. Connect only to a GFI protected outlet
for any outdoor use.

Made in the USA! UL Approved!

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