Explore Scientific/Meade to Synta/Orion/Vixen Finder Adapter

This one adapts Explore Scientific and Meade finder mounts to
scopes with Orion/Vixen/Synta type finder shoes.

Supplied with both two stainless steel setscrews and 2 nylon
thumbscrews, so it can be affixed to your ES finder rings with the
setscrews, or it can be at home in your Orion finder shoe and used
with the thumbscrews.

It's symetrical end-to-end, the stop screw holes are top and
bottom at each end, and there are 2 locking screw holes in each
side. Back anodized aluminum, stainless steel set screws and Nylon

One adapter with hardware. The other two are shown for clarity.

The opposite adapter is HERE

Click on image to enlarge:

Comes with TWO stainless steel set screws, not 4!

$27.00 - #ES2S - Explore Scientific/Meade to Synta/Orion/Vixen Finder Adapter

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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