ETX Rear Cell Thread Adapters with 2" SCT Schmidt Threads,
for Original ETX scopes, and the new Observer ETX series.
For ETX-90, 105 and 125

These fit the threads on the rear cell of the ETX, with male 2" SCT schmidt
threads so you can use your SCT adapters and accessories on your ETX.
Meade discontinued their #07036LF adapter so we make them! Machined
aluminum, black anodized, 0.375 overall thickness.

With Meade's introduction of the new ETX Observer series, things changed.
Don't get me started, but they changed the thread size on the rear cell.
Only a little, just enough to cause problems. So now there's the new #ETXB
version with internal threads that fit the Observer series, but not the original
ETX series.

#ETXA Fits some C90's, but only those with a visual back that measures
34.5mm! Also fits Celestron Nexstar SE4! (If it measures ~~34.5mm diameter)
And it fits the new Meade Astro ETX-90! (because it measures ~~34.5mm...)

#ETXA also fits the iOptron MC90 Mak, photo below. Thanks to Jim T!

$33.00 - #ETXA - ETX-90, 105 and 125 Rear Cell Adapter for original ETX series
$33.00 - #ETXB - ETX-80, 90 and 125 Rear Cell Adapter for new Observer series
$5.00 - #ETXC - ETX-90, 105 and 125 Rear Cell Threaded Cap, Black Plastic. (Doesn't fit with ETXA installed!)
$28.00 - #TSCP - SCT Schmidt Thread Cap - Fits the 2" SCT threads on the #ETXA, not the back of the ETX!

#ETXA fits the iOptron 90mm Mak! Camera not included...

Prices include shipping in the USA! ($10.00 Minimum Order)

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Here's a twist-lock 1.25" barrel adapter for the ETX's! (#ADP9)

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