EyeOpener II 2" Visual Back for LX200-GPS 10", 12" and 14"
and LX200 Classic 10" and 12"

The Eyeopener II from Peterson Engineering Corporation replaces
the factory visual back and mounts the LX-200 GPS microfocuser
directly to the scope with full unrestricted 2" optical path, enhancing
the performance of long focal length 2" eyepieces. Increases the field
of view while reducing vignetting. Depending upon the specific 2"
eyepiece, EyeOpener II will increase the amount of light delivered
to your eye by as much as 65%, the equivalent of a 2" or more
increase in telescope aperture.

The compact length of the Eyeopener also locates your eyepiece
closer to the prime focus of the SCT, reducing aberations.

Also works with NGF-S and NGF-SE focusers.

Optional 2" tube adapter receives 2" refractor diagonals and
eyepieces, link is below.

$00.00 each - #EYE2 - No Stock, Available Here: https://petersonengineering.com/ - Eyeopener II for LX200-GPS 10" and larger

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2" Barrel Adapter is Here!

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