Flocking Material - Extreme Application!

Nasa flies a WB-57 high altitude jet during shuttle launches to gather imagery
of the ascent, as part of their High Altitude Research Program. In the jet's
nose is a scope that has Celestron 11" SCT optical components in a custom
mechanical assembly, coupled to high resolution video and IR cameras.
The inside of the OTA and optical path is flocked with ScopeStuff Flocking

The WB-57 is a highly modified English Electric Canberra bomber, and Nasa
has two of them configured for these missions. The jet and its optical system
can get to 120F and hotter while sitting on the tarmac in Florida, and then
climbs to over 60 thousand feet where the optics endure -40F (-40C)
temperatures and 1 PSI absolute pressure, which is more uncomfortable
than most star parties.

Our flocking material has been in use in the WB-57s for several years, and
the entire optical system is inspected between every mission. The flocking
material is enduring this application, so it is likely to handle our less
demanding uses!

Photos courtesy Marshall Space Flight Center, which does not explicitly
or implicitly convey NASA's endorsement of commercial goods or services.
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