Hi Jim,

I just wanted to let you know what fantastic results I have had with the
flocking material that you sell.

As you know I have used it know on three of my scopes, two LX 200's 8 inch
and 10 inch, and my 12 inch Dobsonian with incredible results. I must admit
that with the first order of this material that I received from you I was a little
concerned as to my ability to work with it successfully and it's adhesive
characteristics. So I set out to ruin a small piece of the material with my
version of military torture testing. After drenching it in water, heating with
a heat gun and everything else I could think of, I was confident that this
material would stay put on the inside of my SCT's OTA, if I could get it
applied properly.

The installation went better than I could hope for, just perfect this is a
very easy and forgiving material to work with. I do point out that the
corrector plate and primary mirror must be removed on a SCT. Where
this is not a difficult procedure, it is tedious and not forgiving to mistakes.
I recommend that anyone considering such an undertaking research this
procedure on the MAPUG web site prior to committing themselves. On the
Dob, it is of course a much easier job with on the area opposite the focuser
needing to be done.

Results: In my highly light polluted area, I have noticed an unbelievable
increase in contrast, especially with the LX 200's. I am not one to take
notice of small improvements, but even I would rate the improvement at
25-35%. Planetary detail is greatly increased on all of the scopes. My
vast variety of light pollution filters are no longer used as regularly. And
the "artifacts" caused by internal reflections in the OTA that always
appeared in my CCD and video Imaging are gone.

I now have had this material in one of the scopes for about a year,
through a hot and humid Chicago summer and cold Chicago winter. From
+98 degrees to -05 below (with a wind chill of -12) with no signs of adhesive
failure or any other problems. Just Great Stuff.

A Word of Caution: I have two friends that decided to follow my lead and
do their scopes with a "baffling material" without getting all the details
from me first. One chose a well known material used for this purpose, but
found it very difficult to work with. In the end he was able to come to a
satisfactory results, however cosmetically it is a disaster. The other friend
used an unknown material, almost smashed his scope out of frustration
and finally gave up after cleaning all the slop and goo out of his OTA.
I point out that both of these guys are normally much handier with these
type of projects than I am. As I told them after the fact, "you get the good
Stuff from ScopeStuff". I hope you find that more amusing than they did.

In Closing: Thank you once again for making available all the unique and
impossible to find astronomy accessories. I am still amazed at what an
inexpensive and easy upgrade this was for my scopes with such a marked
improvement in performance.

Clear Skies
Chuck Morris
Oak Lawn, Illinois

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