Fine Focus Knob for LX90 and LX200 Classics,
LX10,LX50, LS 6", 2080 LX3, etc, New Celestrons

Light weight 2-1/2" diameter knob fits over SCT focuser for 'finger tip'
fine focus control with less scope shake. Graduated dial for reference.
The end of the original focus knob is still accessible for fast focus
changes. Machined from black delrin, with knurled edge, retained by
two stainless steel set screws. Allen wrench included.

Does not fit LX200-GPS! Look HERE for the GPS version.

For the new LX90's with three sided focusers, look HERE

$34.00 - #FFKB - Fine focus knob for LX90 and LX200 Classics, LX10/LX50

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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