Fine Focus Knob for C8's

Light weight 2-1/2" diameter knob fits over SCT focuser
for 'finger tip' fine focus control with less scope shake.
Graduated dial for reference. The end of the original focus
knob is still accessible for fast focus changes. Machined
from black delrin, with knurled edge, retained by friction
and stainless steel set screw. Allen wrench included.

The C8 has been supplied with at least two size knurled
aluminum focuser knobs, so please measure your focuser
to select the right knob.

$34.00 - #FFKC - Fine focus knob for C8 with 0.750" focuser
$34.00 - #FFKD - Fine focus knob for C8 with 0.775" focuser

Prices include FREE shipping in the USA!


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