Fine Focus Knob with Custom Size Bore

This is for a 2-1/2" diameter knob with a custom size hole in the
center, with two setscrews for affixing it over some other knob.
Graduated dial for reference. Machined from black delrin, with
knurled edge.

Minimum inner hole diameter is 0.75", maximum is 1.5". After
ordering here, email us with the subject "Custom Knob Order"
to let us know the hole size.

Measure your knob accurately and allow about 0.005" diameter
clearance. For rubber or "lumpy" type knobs measure the
circumference accurately. "Just about" and "almost" are not
specific enough!

Wrap a strip of paper around your factory focus knob and mark
the overlap. Then lay the strip out flat and accurately measure
between the marks. That measurement will help us make the
right size bore.

Free shipping in the USA covers the first shipment, NOT additional
shipments back and forth to revise the size! We need to get it right
the first time!

Sample installation, focuser not included:

$37.00 - #FFKZ - Fine Focus Knob - Custom Size

Prices include shipping!

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