2" Low Profile Helical Focuser for Newtonians, with 1.25" Eyepiece Adapter

This solid low profile 2" helical focuser is machinied, anodized aluminum.
Comes with a 1.25" eyepice adapter and mounting hardware. Weight with
1.25" adapter is 0.55 lbs.

Focus travel is 0.8" max. Mounting holes are on a 2.5" square pattern.
Center hole in tube is 2.6" minimum. Profile above the tube is 0.7",
protrudes up to 1" inside the scope tube (depending on tube thickness)
when screwed all the way in.

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$59.00 - #FOCH2 - 2" Helical Focuser with T-threads and 1.25" Eyepiece Holder

Price includes shipping in the USA!

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