JSP EasyTester II Autocollimator 1.25" and 2"

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From Jack Schmidling Productions, the EasyTester II autocollimator is a
must-have for aligning Newtonion and Dobsonian telescopes. Fits in place
of an eyepiece. It is 'auto' in the sense that once perfect collimation is
achieved, the reflected image goes dark and leaves no doubt. Start with
visual or a laser collimator, but perfect your alignment with the EasyTester II.
With instructions for use. 1.25" model comes with a bolt style case, 2" model
comes with a barrel cap.

$00.00 - #JSPA - No Longer Available - JSP EasyTester II 1.25" Autocollimator
$00.00 - #JSP2 - No Longer Available - JSP EasyTester II 2" Autocollimator

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