PC RS232 Interface Cables for LX200 Classic, LX200 GPS, etc

These cables adapt the LX200 RS-232 remote control port to a
standard D9S serial RS-232 connector. Used to connect your
telescope to a PC for local or remote control with astronomy
programs. Also for firmware updates on LX200-GPS. The extended
length specified refers to the coiled cable being stretched out.

Available separately is a USB to RS232 cable that's needed for
computers that have USB ports but not RS232 ports.

$26.00 - #LXC6 - LX200 PC RS232 Interface Cable, 6 ft Extended
$29.00 - #LXC2 - LX200 PC RS232 Interface Cable, 20 ft Extended
$35.00 - #USBR - USB to Serial RS232 Bridge Cable - More Information

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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