Gerry's SN with piggyback guide scope

Franks large format camera on a Nexstar 11

James' LX90 & goodies

Bill's balance weight array for complete balance trim on a loaded LX90.

William's Orion Starmax 90mm Mak mounted on Meade 203SC 8" SCT
with #CR46 rings with #CR99 three point option, and #MRS6 kit.

Jim's ST102 on a 12" LX200 (#CR53 rings and #MRS6 kit) with
dumbell weight on bottom.

ST80 on a 10" LX200, #CR35 rings and #MRS6 kit.

Ron's ST80 on a 10" LX200

Jim's 13.1" Coulter Dob with a rail and balance weights

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