Power Supply for Dew Heaters

This power supply is ideal for running dew heaters when AC power
is available. Provides up to 4 amps of DC power at 12.5 volts. While
not recommended for running telescopes or sensitive equipment,
this switching type power supply is great for dew heaters. Unloaded
output is around 15 volts, 12.5 volts at 4 amp load. UL listed class 2
power supply, 120VAC 60hz 0.7A input. 6 foot AC power input cord,
cigarette lighter jack output, LED power indicator.

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$36.00 - #PS13 - Power Supply for Dew Heaters, 120VAC input, 12.5VDC output
$19.00 - #DNCP - Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug Adapter for Dew-Not Dew Removers
$129.00 - #DNHC - Dew-Not 2 Channel Controller - More Information is Here! -

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