Sun Shields for Solar Telescopes

These shield the observer (or camera) at the eyepiece from direct sunlight.
Seeing an image in a solar scope eyepiece is difficult unless something
blocks the glare from sunlight. That's often the observer's hand, which is
not ideal as a sun shade.

The 4.8" x 7.8" shield is made from acrylic mirror to reject the sun's light
and heat, with a textured black surface facing the eyepiece. The total weight
of the shield is 8-9 oz, and it's secured to the scope with 1/8" shock cord and
a barrel slide lock.

The shield also provides a solar finder with a field of view much wider than the
PST finder, making target acquisition easy.

Made in Texas with acrylic, ABS, nylon, polyethylene, stainless steel hardware,
and whatever shock cord is made of.

Please measure the diameter of your scope tube and compare with dimensions
listed below!

Prices include shipping to USA addresses!

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$39.00 each - #PSTS-PST1 - Sun Shield for Coronado Personal Solar Telescope, with solar finder
$39.00 each - #PSTS-3.54 - Sun Shield for Short Tube 80 - 3.54" tube diameter, with solar finder

Price includes shipping in the USA!

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