3.25" Visual Back Adapter and Thread Adapters, Celestron & Meade

This big orange adapter screws onto the 3.25" threaded rear opening of
Celestron 9.25", 11" and 14" family SCTs as well as Meade 10" and 12"
SCTs, and provides M63 female threads. This directly fits many imaging
devices and adapters that have male M63 threads.

Don't need 63mm threads? We've got you covered! Our #6358 adapter fits
the #RSUA and provides both M54 and M48 female threads! From there you
can adapt to almost anything. (Yes, #6358 has both M48 and M54 female
threads, just flip it over.)

But you really need 2" 24tpi SCT Schmidt threads, just like the factory
visual back had? The #SC48 adapter screws into the the #RSUA adapter
and presents male 2" SCT Schmidt threads! And it has a 1.77" diameter
opening to allow lots of photons to get thru. And it all nests together
with a low profile!

To sum it up:
#RSUA fits the scope and has female M63 threads.
#RSUA with #6358 has both M54 and M48 female threads.
#RSUA with #6358 AND #SC48 has male 2"-24 SCT Schmidt threads.
- - (Yes, that's three adapters to get there, see savings bundle below)

#RSUA Adapter:

#6358 Adapter:

#SC48 Adapter:

$46.00 - #RSUA - 3.25" Visual Back Adapter for Celestron 9.25, 11 and 14" SCTs
$29.00 - #6358 - Male M63 to both M53 and M48 female adapter
$23.00 - #SC48 - M48 male to 2" 24tpi SCT male Schmidt thread Adapter
$89.00 - #RUAB - #RSUA, #6358 and #SC48 bundled together.

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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