1.25" Eyepiece Barrel to SCT Schmidt Thread Adapter, and
Female T-thread to Male SCT Schmidt Thread Adapter,
and Female to Female T-Thread Adapter

Use your SCT focal reducer, diagonal, flip mirror, etc. on scopes
that have 1.25" focusers!

Fits in place of a 1.25" eyepiece, but has male Schmidt threads like
a SCT visual back. Adapts SCT visual back devices to 1.25" backs,
focusers, refracters, etc. Threaded for 1.25" filters.

If the 1.25" EP barrel is unscrewed, female T-threads are exposed,
making a female T-thread to male SCT Schmidt thread adapter, or
a female to female T-thread adapter. The remaing part is a male
T-thread to male 1.25" EP adapter.

$29.00 - #TAFP - 1.25" Eyepiece Barrel to Schmidt Thread Adapter

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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