2X, 3 Element Barlow For T-Thread Systems

This 2x, 3 element color corrected multicoated barlow is for use
with T-thread camera setups. Male T-threads screw into SLR T-ring
or camera front for solid mounting. The barlow element-to-focal
plane spacing is adjustable for optimum performance. Comes with
three 10mm spacers that allow use with most focusers. With allen
wrench for adjustment.

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$000.00 - #TB2X - Currently Unavailable - 2X, 3 Element Barlow For T-Thread Systems

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Mounted on a short-tube 80mm with 1.25" focuser:

The barlow insert should be adjusted so the magnification is double
that of a direct-projection setup. Moving the insert towards the film
plane will decrease magnification. After adjustment tighten the two
setscrews to securely hold the insert. The telescope will likely focus
at a different setting with the barlow included. If enough out-focus
can not be reached, additional spacers may be needed.

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