Telrad Reflex Sight

The original Telrad(R) reflex sight provides a red lighted 'target'
superimposed on your view of the sky for quick scope alignment
and star hopping. The low profile base attaches to your scope
with no tools, and the sight can be removed from the base and
replaced while maintaining alignment. Weighs 0.7 lbs, reitcle
rings indicate 0.5, 2 and 4 degrees. Runs on two AA batteries.
The precision cut foam in the box is great for off-scope storage!

Telrad Risers elevate the Telrad for easier use on some scopes.

The Dew Shield fits over the telrad sight to prevent dew formation,
flips up and down.

The Dew Shield Plus works like the dew shield and also provides
an adjustable mirror for sighting off-axis, for those of us who can
no longer stand on our head.

Extra mounting bases allow use of the sight on more than one
telescope. A mounting base is also available for attachment to
ScopeStuff mounting rails.

The Telrad Pulser installs internally and aids in locating faint
objects by blinking the reticle image at a variable rate.

The replacement reticle is for those occasions when the Telrad
gets a peek of the sun and the reticle gets fried.

#TELG has switch-selectable green or red illimination.

#TELV has very bright white illumination, suitable for daytime
use against the sky. Not for night use, and not for solar use!
Don't point it at the sun!

#TELN has tinted glass used for daylight and stage spotlight use,
and is not suitable for astronomy!

Telrad with Dew Shield Plus mounted and open,
mirror folded out.

Dew Shield Plus closed,
mirror folded back.

$53.00 - #TELR - Telrad Reflex Sight with Mounting Base - Free shipping!
$69.00 - #TELG - Green/Red Selectable Telrad Reflex Sight with Mounting Base
$58.00 - #TELV - Bright White Telrad Reflex Sight with Mounting Base
$53.00 - #TELN - Tinted Glass Telrad Reflex Sight with Mounting Base, Not for Astronomy!
$25.00 - #TELE - Telrad Riser, Short - 2-3/8" - Information Here!
$26.00 - #TELF - Telrad Riser, Tall - 4-3/8" - Information Here!
$33.00 - #TELS - Telrad Dew Shield Plus
$21.00 - #TELD - Telrad Dew Shield
$28.00 - #TELP - Telrad Pulser kit
$9.00 - #TELT - Telrad Replacement Reticle
$15.00 - #TELW - Telrad Replacement Combining Glass (Window)
$15.00 - #TELW-T - TINTED Telrad Replacement Combining Glass (Window)
$16.00 - #TELQ - Telrad Replacement Lens and Retainers, with Inistructions
$13.00 - #TELB - Extra Mounting Base
$15.00 - #TELM - Telrad Mounting Base with Rail Mounting Hardware for ScopeStuff rails
$36.00 - #TEHL - Telrad Base with Stalk and Orion/Synta Dovetail Foot - Information Here!
$37.00 - #TELL - (Was #TELO) Telrad Base with Orion/Synta Dovetail Foot - Information Here!
$37.00 - #TEML - (Was #TELE) Telrad Base with Explore Scientific & Meade Dovetail Foot - Information Here!

Prices include shipping in the USA! ($10.00 minimum order)

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