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Email from JB to TeleGizmos:


I've attached a photo from this weekend's 3RF event
out in West Texas. It rained like a monsoon.

Figured you might want a photo that looks more like
reality ... !

The scope at left, foreground, is the SV152 on NJP.
The scope behind it is a Tak FSQ-106 on GM8. That's
Vance's. He borrowed one of your covers from
me on Friday evening, when it was nice a clear, and
agreed to let me take a before and after photo the
next day. Only problem was that after we bagged it
at 2 a.m. on Saturday it started to rain and didn't let
up all weekend. So we hastily snapped this photo
and then ran for our lives from an approaching
thunderstorm. We just managed to get everything
carried over to the trucks and stowed before it hit.
All the time we were in ankle-deep mud and it was
raining steadily.

The scope on the right is another Tak FSQ-106 on an
NJP mount. The cover is a Desert Storm scopeshield -
I believe it's for a 16" LX-200. Doesn't fit worth a durn.
Flaps in the breeze like crazy. I'm talking to the guy
about upgrading(!)...

Sigh ... what a summer! I'll try again this weekend.
By the way, your cover made a Believer of Vance. He
will be ordering one this week! Not a drop of water on
his scope or mount. He was very impressed.

We had 40mph winds Saturday night. There was some
point during the night when the water got to be at
least 3 inches deep in the field ... the way I found out
is that my transport cases had water in the bottom when
I opened them on Sunday morning ... it had leaked in
through the openings for the axles -- which are 3 inches
above the bottom of the box!



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