TeleGizmos Tripod Cover

The TGTP tripod cover is a three panel cover that opens full
length on one side. Once wrapped around your tripod, the open
side of the cover seals shut with a full length Velcro fastening
system. Heavy duty 2 inch nylon welting is wrapped around the
top and bottom of the cover. The same 2" welting is used on the
open seam and has the Velcro fastening system sewn on to it.
Used in conjunction with any TeleGizmos scope cover, you now
can protect your entire system from top to bottom.

The TGTP fits all tripods with leg spread up to 50 inches, leg
height up to 52 inches. The maximum top opening with cover
closed is 27 inch circumference or 8.5" diameter. The top
opening can be adjusted to a snug fit around the mount using
the supplied 2 inch pony spring clamp.

$63.00 - #TGTP - TeleGizmos Tripod Cover, Shipped Priority

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