Water Cooler Covers for 5 and 10 Gallon Water Coolers

These covers fit over 5 and 10 gallon water coolers of many
brands, keeping beverages cooler longer. The reflective
radiant barrier material and captive air space complement
the cooler's insulation to make a significant difference in
the temperature of the contents. Especially significant on
those days when you need a cool drink. Ice lasts longer!

Elastic band at bottom keeps the cover in place. Fits Igloo,
Coleman, etc. Not rated for full time outdoor use but fine
for regular duty. Water cooler not included.

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$00.00 - #TGWC-5 - No longer available - Water cooler cover for 5 gallon type water coolers, up to 17" diameter and 16" height.
$00.00 - #TGWC-10 - No longer available - Water cooler cover for 10 gallon type water coolers

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